21 April, 2011


Very little is known about this new series and all we do know comes from the scan to the right. Here's the rundown:


("Retsuden" translates as "series of biographies")
  • It will air from 6:00-6:30 PM on Wednesdays starting from July 6th.
  • It will apparently "uncover little-known facts about the Ultra Warriors and Monsters."
  • It's part of the series' celebration of its 45th Anniversary

So is this going to be a fairly lame stock footage recap series or a fairly awesometastic series of original adventures featuring past heroes and monsters? I initially assumed the former but I talked to August Ragone on the matter and his speculation is that its half-hour runtime may indicate an original, dramatic production as opposed to a simple clips-show - something like a more Ultraman-centric spin on the Ultra Galaxy concept only likely to have much higher production values as this is airing on TV Tokyo and six national networks.

Again, this is all speculation so don't start thinking that this is definitely what we're getting. However, if it is it ought to be cool as hell. I love the thought of what could basically be a series of gaidens for multiple Ultramen and monsters. LOVE IT.

*crosses fingers and waits*

Of course, not too long ago a new Ultra film was announced to be in production for a December release. This is, presumably, the speculated third and final installment of the loose "Ultraman Zero Trilogy" that began in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie (2009) and continued in Ultraman Zero the Movie: Super Decisive Battle! Belial's Galactic Empire (2010). Yes, I did have to use the full titles. The latter of the two previous movies comes out on DVD tomorrow, actually! I don't know if the recent disasters in Japan have had any effect on the production on this new, 45th Anniversary film so for the moment I'm going to assume it's still on track. Definitely looking forward to seeing what TPC has in store this time around and I'm very excited to get my mitts on the Ultraman Zero movie as soon as I can!


- Jared P. Foust

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