03 June, 2009

The Renewal of Ultraman Sorta

The Brief Adventure of Ultraman Sorta has been given a wee bit of an update to bring it more in line with Episode 2 and the upcoming Episode 3!

I mostly only changed the title card, did some minor color correcting, created a new credits sequence, and tacked on the trailer for number two. The old version is still available on Youtube and I'm not going to bother uploading this version there - instead it will be for Vimeo and GFest only.

Watch out for the CGI Jabba! 8D

Also, Monster Island News did a little piece on Sorta just recently! Swoot!

A bit of background info: I made this in the summer and fall of 2006 working almost exclusively by myself with the notable exception of having my mother take two or three still photos. Everything else is me. All the roles, all the camerawork, editing, effects, etc. Some of you may find that impressive but it was kind of hell. I hate working on films like that, it's a very lonely existence.

All the effects were done as a combination of Final Cut and Photoshop, many shots being drawn in frame-by-frame in Photoshop. Seriously, it was hell.

The original version of this film was originally part of a duel of sorts with my friend Elliot Gay (not to be confused with Elliot Long). You can see his entry, "Office Man," by clicking here. Great stuff.

I wound up winning the duel. ;D

- [Click here to go to the Original Version of "The Brief Adventure of Ultraman Sorta."] -

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  1. okay so. that was kind of awesome. like
    really awesome.

    love how in all the credits its all you. made me chuckle.

    but yea good work on that. im stunned you did all yourself.